A young punk who thinks she knows it all. An old man who knows he doesn't. They strike up a conversation. It becomes life changing.

Samuel, starring multiple Emmy Award-winning actor, Ed Asner, is a Holocaust survivor. Casy is a young massage-parlor worker on the run and a Holocaust denier. Casey is angry and stunningly naïve, living from hand to mouth on the streets of LA. She is constantly fending off the frightening advances of men, having nowhere to go and trusting no one. Samuel trusts only a few. She tells him she hates Jews; he asks her if she needs a place to stay. The two form an unexpected friendship, which gradually blossoms into a new family unit: him providing her the support and guidance lacking in her life, and in return, she offers him the glimpse of the fatherhood that was torn from him many years prior. 

Film is sponsored by Hochberg Holocaust & Human Rights Education Committee

**Parental Guidance: R-rated primer, an “After School Special” on some very serious subjects — aimed at a teen audience.