Nov 01 2020


10:00 am - 3:00 pm

MEET Jewish Mystery Writer Anastasia Goodman

MEET Jewish Mystery Writer Anastasia Goodman 

Annual Crafts, Antiques & Rhode Island Authors Exhibit & Sale

(41 Railroad Avenue down the street from Westerly Amtrak station)

If you are unable to attend consider MEET THE AUTHOR via ZOOM

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Meet Anastasia Goodman is a Jewish mystery novelist. Her protagonist is a Russian-born NYPD detective Sasha Perlov. He is the son of a Soviet Jewish dissident that was tortured and imprisoned by the authorities. An enemy of the state never an enemy of the people.

Her latest is The Terrorist. The year is 2004 and the terrorist attacks are still fresh in our memories. Protesters against the Iraq War line the streets of major cities. Sasha Perlov is requested by the US Attorney’s NY office to interrogate a potential terrorist in a CIA run prison in Eastern Europe. Is a Muslim woman picked up by US immigration in Long Island a terrorist? Why is she in the company of members of the infamous MS-13, experts at drug and human smuggling? Is a Latin gang and foreign terror group creating an alliance?

History, intrigue, and political turmoil converge to challenge Sasha as he attempts to seek the truth. Other Anastasia Goodman’s Sasha Perlov mysteries include Loose Ends & Death and Diamonds.


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