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Jewish FIlmFest: Kiss Me Kosher

2021 FilmFest will be virtual! KISS ME KOSHER and THE SHABBOS GOY* (short) will be available for screening from May 20-23. Click HERE to find out more information about KISS ME KOSHER and THE SHABBOS GOY (short) *Two movie links will be emailed: KISS ME KOSHER (full-length) and THE SHABBOS GOY (short)

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Jewish FIlmFest: Kiss Me Kosher and The Shabbos Goy (short)

KISS ME KOSHER: When two generations of Israeli women fall for a German woman and a Palestinian man, chaos follows. What happens with lovers who don’t fit but do belong together? When Maria lands in Tel Aviv from Germany and arrives at her lover Shira’s apartment, one small mis-step starts a romantic journey of mythic proportions as Shira accepts a non-proposal of marriage. Upon meeting, their two families immediately collide over a shared historical past and the prospect of a combined future, while the second pair of lovers unexpectedly reflect yet another wide gap romance must bridge. Now it’s Shira’s fiercely independent, sardonic grandmother Berta’s turn to test the very limits of love, conflict and circumstances. THE SHABBOS GOY (short): In this delightful comedic short God literally forbids Chana to turn off her vibrator gone rogue, so she sets out on a quest to find someone who can.

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