Jewish Common Campus

We are looking to create a future hub of Jewish life. Now is an exciting time for our Jewish Community as we begin to discover a new chapter intended to strengthen our community for generations to come. 

Led by a committee of community volunteers, the idea of Jewish Common Campus was born in 2019 and was quickly followed by a visit to other Jewish campuses to determine feasibility for our area

Discussions about future plans for a common campus range from the Israel Center, office space, sanctuaries, meetings rooms, and convening spaces for large and small events, lectures, movies, and conference meetings.

The Jewish Common Campus would be a Jewish place, serving as a central meeting place for diverse communities seeking recreation, educational, prayer and services, programs and cultural programs, and so much more. It is all about creating the environment of a vibrant Jewish neighborhood where Jews of all ages, affiliations, and beliefs can enhance the quality of their lives here. Got ideas? We’d love to hear about them! Please speak with the Community Chair, Gail Weber, or the Executive Director, Carin Savel, about the Jewish Common Campus.

Jewish Common Campus Committee:

Gail Weber- Chair

Carin Savel- Executive Director 

Kenn Fischburg- Secretary

Len Wolman 

Robyn Wolman

Steven Daren

Debbie Daren

Romana Primus

Harry Leiser

Nate Weiss

Tom Smith

Mona Levin