Be A Hero

It is only through your generosity that our Federation can be the organization that ensures a unified Jewish community. Our work is strategic, impactful, and inspiring, but ultimately, it’s not what we do but why we do it. We want to create the kind of enduring Jewish community we all want and need, based on shared goals and Jewish values. 

Your 2020 gift will provide us all with the comfort of knowing that our community is taken care of — and prepared during a time of crisis.

You can be a hero

The ideology Tikkum Olam means everything to us. Our organization exists to help strengthen our community, and give back to the world at large. There is no action too small, and no amount too little, to help. So anything you can do to furtherthe idea of Tikkun Olam makes you a hero in a unique way.

Whether you choose to join a local community, learn about world issues, volunteer at local events, or donate to important causes, your help goes a long way. Please join us on our mission to repair the world, and build a stronger Jewish Community in Eastern Connecticut