Past and present meet upon the discovery of an old, mysterious photograph that tie together Christian and Jewish students in search of the truth.

In her Roman attic, a girl finds an old picture of the Jewish child, Sarah Cohen, whose family was killed by the Nazis in World War II. Trying to unravel the mystery behind the portrait in A STARRY SKY ABOVE THE ROMAN GHETTO (UN CIELO STELLATO SOPRA IL GHETTO DI ROMA), the teens embark on a journey through a night of horror that cannot be forgotten: the raid of the Roman Ghetto. Retracing these painful events will give them the chance to take a collective stance towards personal, existential, and cultural commitment.


A Starry Sky Above The Roman Ghetto
Country of Origin: Italy. Language: Italian, English. 2020. Running time: 100 minutes.
JFEC FilmFest will be virtual and A STARRY SKY ABOVIE THE ROMAN GHETTO will be available for screening Thursday, May 13 12:01 am – Sunday, May 16 11:59 pm. Once registered you will automatically receive the movie link.

GUEST SPEAKER Director Giulio Base

Sunday, May 16, 1:00 pm

Sunday, May 16, 1:00 pm

Director Giulio Base, A STARRY NIGHT ABOVE THE ROMAN GHETTO, will join us for Q&A

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Part detective story, part high school drama, part interfaith love story and part plea for religious tolerance, “Starry Sky” is a film for all ages, especially teens and other young adults. Moving seamlessly between past and present, the film’s young protagonists, both Jewish and Christian, team up in their search for Sarah Cohen with the help of a rabbi and nuns from a nearby convent.
Bruce Kahn
Bruce KahnWriter
A tribute to the resilience and courage of the Jewish community of Rome but also an ode to the power of collaboration, especially between the younger generations.
E. Nina Rothe
E. Nina RotheBlogger
And it does so in an unprecedented way that reaches straight to the hearts and memories of the boys. In the places of the Ghetto of Rome, Base updates the memory, starting from the past, from the roundup of the Ghetto of Rome, which took place on October 16, 1943, and choosing to tell that tragic page of our history through the present and a group of young students
Giulia Lucchini
Giulia LucchiniWriter
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